Had a look at the Upper year at the weekend to checkout some of the swims I love to fish in the Autumn.  The Upper year gets to weedy and clogged during the summer months so it was good to se all the rain had cleared alot of the summer debris.  I was surprised to find the banks in such good order.  I walked the bank with Annett and it was surprisingly firm considering all the rain  we have had over  the last month.   I need to get out and do a video showing why we moved from the pivoting mud foot to the new solid foot.   It is surprising how much difference it makes if you can bed your box into the bank so that it grips into the mud instead of sliding around on top of it.  The only time I use mud feet now is if I am fishing on fine silt and on those occassions the preferred design is a welded fixed metal disc with no pivot action.  

Rick Tyler