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  • Octbox Barrow Kit - XL Single Pneumatic Wheel

    Octbox Barrow Kit - XL Single Pneumatic Wheel

    Octbox Barrow Kit - XL Single Pneumatic Wheel Comprises XL Single 41cm dia Heavy duty pneumatic tyre with motor cycle grade inner tube with metal valve... One rotation covers 4ft (120cm ) of ground while its flat profile aids stability. Perfect for the angler that goes to venues with narrow winding tracks with lots of pot holes and stones. Supplied with Axle and support Barackets XL Wheel Available with or without handles Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £70.83 Incl. Tax: £85.00 As low as: £10.00

  • Lithium Powered Trolley

    Lithium Powered Wheel Kit Waiting List Item Please Call Before Ordering

    NOVEMBER UPDATE - Following feedback we have upgraded the axle support to increase the strength and reduce pressure on the axle. We would like to thank everyone who helped with the development of this enhancement.

    Lithium Powered Electric Wheel Kit Designed to convert either the D25 or D36 Octbox Seat box into a Lithium Powered 4 wheeled Barrow. Consists of a front and rear module. The Rear module fits two height adjustable handles and wheels into the rear of the Octbox while the front module fits a motorised wheel kit into the front of the beatbox footplate. Takes approx one minute to convert the seat box into the 4 wheeled electric barrow which is demonstrated in the MK19 Electric Barrow Video The MK19 powered unit is totally bespoke and uses no parts from the Golf industry. The 60:1 gear ratio gives a huge amount of torque which when combined with the large high grip wheels ensures the barrow can handle any load the angler wishes to move with ease. A high ground clearance also ensures the system will not be grounded on rough ground.

    The facebook link below demonstrates the barrow going through a very muddy field Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £520.83 Incl. Tax: £625.00 As low as: £390.00

  • Bait Table

    XL Baitwaiter MK1819 with or without Lid Options

    Configurable Product - Complete Baitwaiter and Lid £130 or Baitwaiter only £75.00

    Compatible with Any OCTBOX D25 or D36 built after 2012

    Video Link

    We have introduced an XL Bait waiter following lots of requests. It is designed to take 6 large (17x17cm ) bait boxes and is compatible with any seat box we have made since 2012. Can be fitted with the XL Baitwaiter lid and is also compatible with the swivel tray. Two 25mm sockets are fitted to the end of the Baitwaiter that can be utilised to fix a Topkit roost or tulip to hold the landing net in place. These can be used in conjunction either with 2 x 20cm posts or the additional bait waiter height system (D25 Systems)  to secure the bait waiter across the D25 Padded seat when packed away. Extending the posts on the right hand side of the D25 supports the XL bait waiter when stored in this manner. D36 beatboxes require no additional accessories to store the Baitwaiter as they already have extending posts built into each leg. If you buy with the XL Lid it allows the Baitwaiter to be setup ready to go with bait boxes, catapults, towel etc and then packed over the seat. When you get to the peg simply lift off , rotate round and fix back on to the legs allowing you to me setup in seconds . please note Bait Boxes are displayed for illustration purposes only and are not supplied. The Baitwaiter can be purchased as a separate item or with the XL Lid (additional £55.00)

    Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £62.50 Incl. Tax: £75.00

  • Topkit and Rod Roost Set MK20

    Topkit and Rod Roost Set MK20

    MK20 Rod and Topkit Roost Light weight but ultra strong roost that can be set at numerous angles with the ability to hold both rods and top kits up to top 6 without any risk of it slipping. No requirement for an additional support , the all alloy construction has a disc pin locking system that ensures no matter how much you load on to the roost and what ever angle it cannot slip. Removable red inserts are added to the rear sockets designated for top kits to ensure they cannot blow off the roost in windy conditions. The Topkit set design ensures that rods and top kits can be set from horizontal to almost vertical without any risk of top kits sliding backwards.. The rear and front topkit posts are square and fit into square adaptors to ensure they always remain parallel and square to each other This system can be supplied with either a 25mm or 36mm leg adaptor allowing it to fit on the majority of systems.

    Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £80.83 Incl. Tax: £97.00

  • Swivelling Tool Bar D25mm Adaptors

    Swivelling Tool Bar D25mm Adaptors

    D25 Light Alloy Tool Bar supplied with Extending Post with threaded insert. Will fit any Seat Box with 25mm round legs or posts. Length 56cm from centre to centre All alloy design is ultra light and incredibly strong and stable. Recommended Use - use as a swivelling adaptor bar to support feeder heads or pole support rollers. Use in conjunction with Mk18 feeder arm to fit two keepnets on to the left or right footplate leg of any 25mm round legs seat box Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £20.83 Incl. Tax: £25.00

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