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Octbox MK20 Umbrella

The Octbox umbrella has a shallow canopy with a 25 inch rib length that gives a covered area diameter of 105cm.   This is about half the size of a conventional fishing Umbrella.  When used in conjuction with the octbox baitwaiter lid it gives the angler sufficient protection from the wind and rain without compromising his ability to ship the pole or landing net.  Casting is also made possible by the fact the umbrella only extends as far as the anglers sholuder that is furthest away from the baitwaiter.  

The reduced radius of the covered area to just 52cm (1ft 3in ) makes it possible to look around the umbrella by just leaning forward

It can be fitted on to any seat box fitted with 25mm diameter legs and the Octbox D36 which has 25mm posts built into each leg.

The Octbox umbrella has 8 sides with heavy duty 4.5mm steel ribs  that  fit into robust webbing that has been stitched into the canvas.  It is supplied with two slim strong alloy 14cm umbrella support brackets that we recommend are fitted above and below the baitwaiter.   The base side of the umbrella is fitted with two solid heavy duty D rings that have elasticated loops.  These allow the rear of the umbrella to be fixed to the rear side of the baitwaiter.   This makes it impossible for the Octbox umbrella to twist out of its position

The Umbrella has been fitted with a 90cm  strong  post that is non extendable.  When the angler has established the perfect height fof the umbrella we recommend the excess post is cut down to size (below the clamp on the underside of the baitwaiter).   This will reduce the weight of the umbrella even more.

The advantages of having a bespoke umbrella designed specifically for the Match angler fishing on a seat box are

Much lighter than a conventional Umbrella weighing only 3lb 4oz 

Less Canvas presented to the wind reduces the risk of the box being lifted up or tipped over.

Possible to setup the topkit roost on the same side as the umbrella by setting it up lower than the baitwaiter.  

Packs away much easier into the Rodbag.


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