Seat Box D25 Octbox MK20

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Octbox D25 MK20 Seat Box 

  • Height Adjustable Seat and Drawers
  • Alloy Leg Adaptors that can support 300kg without slipping
  • Wheel barrow chassis built into the seat box with multiple wheel kit options possible
  • Supplied with two drawer module.  Additional drawers can be purchased to convert to a 5 drawer or 3 drawer system
  • Lightweight Alloy Seat Box only weighs 14kg when footplate is fitted
  • 3 Year warranty
  • D25mm Dia Legs campatible with Preston Accessories.
  • Variable tool bar fitted into the footplate that can extend forward up to 50cm
  • Adaptors supplied to fit up to three keep nets
  • NEW MK20 has had the legs modified to fit a new Pivot Mud foot being released later in the year. 
  • Light Alloy Construction weighing only 14.5kg.  5Kg lighter than the majority of other boxes on the market.
  • Super Strong and rock solid.  To demonstrate we have videoed four anglers bouncing up an down on the box with a combine weight of 60 stone.
  • Drawers that can open without lifting your weight off the seat
  • 30 Day Trial period.  If your not satisfied we collect free of charge for a full refund
  • Multiple Drawer options available

The ultra strong Seat Box chassis is fabricated from ultra light box alloy with over 230 precison welds to construct the chassis to give a system that is rock solid with no flexing and leg clamps that have no plastic and have been tested at Cambridge Univesity test lab supporting up to 300kg without slipping or marking the leg.

Extendable Tool Bar Slides out of the footplate to attach muliple keepnets and bump bar etc.  By extending the pole support further it can reduce up to 30% of the pressure on your arm and back. Can also be used to load gear when used as a barrow

Quick Release Footplate -  Spring loaded plunger bolts allow the footplate to be closed or extended in seconds.  The alloy mesh plate in the footplate has been replaced with a alloy plate and plastic overlay which increases the strength of the footplate. 

Keepnet Managment System - Connectors have been added to both sides of the extending toolbar Frame that extends out of the footplate.  These combined with the stud welded to the front of the footplate and 3 x QF connectors allow the seat box to be setup with three keepnets in seconds.   Additional keepnets can added buy adding a keepnet arm  (Not supplied) to the left or right footplate legs.   If you need the keepnets higher order 3 x 20cm posts which   will allow the keepnets to be set 8 inches higher.
Supplied as standard with:
Octbox D25 Seat box with Footplate & Extedning tool bar with connectors for 3 Keepnets
Octbox D25 Height Adjustable Frame with Spirit Levels
6 x D25 Legs with MK18 Max Grip Alloy Feet (Note Footplate legs can be either 30 to 50cm (For Level Banks & Commercials) or 50 to 90cm (River)
2 x Drawer Alloy Drawer Module 1 x 4cm with 3 foam lined removeable alloy trays and 1 x 3cm drawer with removeable and adjustable drawer dividers
Padded Seat with adjustable and removable Butt Rest
Configuration Options
Bait Waiter Standard or XL Baitwaiter can be added and configured with or without Lid and Swivel tray.
Additional drawer modules can be added to increase storage and configure the storage to fully meet your requirment.
Various wheel kits with narrow or wide wheel setups , 2 wheel, 4 wheel and even a powered 4 wheel option
Packed System
We build most of the D25 seat box less accessories by ftting the middle and rear legs through the footplate rails and height frame.  The footplate is fitted and we also fit all of the bolts.   The Drawer module is fitted with the padded seat and just needs to be clipped to the height adjustable frame.   You will need to fit the footplate legs, Inner legs for the middle and rear and the extension frame.  This should only take a matter of minutes. 


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