MK20 Ultralight Seat Box Drawer (B02) & Swivel Tray (C02) - Waiting List in Place

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  • Currently sold out due in May 22.  Call 0800 6128036 to be added to waiting list.
  • Ultralight  Seat box weighing only 10.5kg (11kg when mudfeet fitted)  with Baitwaiter and Groundbait tray fitted
  • Supplied with 2 Drawer module.
  • Additional drawers can be added
  • Designed for the angler that wishes to roam the bank and be setup quickly
  • Rock solid Alloy frame with leg clamps tested to 300kg without slipping
  • Baitwaiter docks in seconds to create a deep storage unit for reels etc.
  • New Legs modified to fit the new Octbox pivot foot being released later this year
Ultralight Seat Box with 2 Drawers & Swivel Tray Configuration
Designed for the mobile angler that needs something ultra light to carry on his shoulder.
Essentially a strong stable seat with Bait waiter that acts as a height adjusable storage shelf when docked on the underside of the seat frame.
The leg system has been tested with weights in excess of 1000kg (1T) without the non marking leg clamps slipping and the bespoke solid alloy grip feet have been designed to grip on slippery ground including wet greasy wooden boards.
The Baitwiater when docked under the seat gives the angler a deep storage area deep enough for reels and bait boxes to be stored.   Access is achieved by uncliping and lifting the drawer module.  By having everything ready to go for the days fishing i.e bait, towel etc in the baitwaiter which can be undocked and fitted to the side in seconds means the angler can be setup and ready in just a couple of minutes.
Supplied with either 1x3cm and 1x4cm Drawer.  Other configurations are available on request
Bait waiter and Swiveling Tray.
Pictures for illustration purposes only.   Bait boxes not included
Weight -  with Baitwaiter and Drawers fitted  9 Kg
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