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Greg Welsby

I’ve had the D25 for just over a year now and I can’t find a single fault with it plus it’s great value for money compared to other brands. Not once today did I fear it would slip or move, solid, quality!

Had a D25 for 4 years and had a D36 for around 9 months. Superb product and superb after sales service. Makes such a refreshing change to have a company that cares about its customers.

Tim Bates

I've had the D36 for sometime now and I have to say I wouldn't replace it with any other fishing box The accessories are excellent.  This does exactly what its supposed to do and is made so solid 
Don't waste your money on other boxes this is the best

Stuart Kelsall

Comment: Hi , just wanted to say I bought an Octbox earlier this year. I'm 71 years old so I've been around a while and had numerous seatboxes  over the years including wicker baskets, Daiwa, Preston, Conti box,Riva, etc., My last box was a Brillo box which I'd had for 20 years. BUT my Octbox is absolutely brilliant, ........the best box I have EVER owned. Your sales and after sales service is second to none. I have recommended you to several of my angling of whom ( after sitting on mine ) has just ordered one for himself. The ONLY criticism I can make is that you can't see the box in any shops so you can weigh them up, sit on them, feel the weight etc., But  ( having once owned a fishing tackle shop myself ) I 100% understand why you don't wholesale. Word of mouth is working well. Well done and I wish you continued success. It just shows that quality built products,and super personable service wins in the end. Kindest regards. Ken

ken wright

Good evening Rick, 

Just a comment regarding the table which shows leg pressure/force required to be applied 

before slippage. I purchased a D36 Octbox about 15 months ago, I have used this predominantly 

on commercial fisheries however on a few occasions I have fished natural venues with sloping 

banks and without using excessive force locked the legs in position, got on and off a few times

During the session with total confidence of the stability and never a hint of slippage.


I previously owned a Rive D36 and had some issues with leg slippage and when tightening the 

leg further the support struts in the knob fractured due to the poor quality and the torque required 

to resist leg collapse.


The weight of the Octbox without the side tray fitted is lighter than my previous boxes but the 

quality is much better and can be configured exactly to my personal requirements.

Please keep up the good work not only in the quality of your units but in further development.



Richard Dickson

Kev Beaston

I've had my box almost 18 months now.

Just thought I'd drop you a mail.

I can't really fault it. I've used it on around 50 matches, so it's had a good run in and I've got used to it.

Well done to you and the team, and thanks.


John Adams, Cambridge

 I have owned my D36 for a few months now, so I thought it time to offer an opinion on the product; In one word fantastic. The level of design detail, the ergonomics when sat on it and wheel barrow second to none, and better than most. The detail; coming from a Rive background, the Octbox side opening draws are a revelation, sitting comfortably on the box I can access everything I need, rigs, feeders, bits and bobs, all easily accessible while sat down, great. The detail of the draws and their dividers allow rigs, feeders and other small item to be arranged to suit individual taste, and the draws never fly open when the box is tilted, again the attention to detail in design is evident throughout. The leg system is very versatile, and very, very stable, also the inner leg upper extension allow me to use all of my old D25 fittings, again very well designed. The real clincher is the wheel barrow system (I use the large single wheel option), because of the balance of the Octbox, I can carry all my kit, over rough ground, without backache at the end of the day. In summary, this is the best tackle box I have owned in four decades of fishing, the design detail, the stability and the level of comfort, in my view, blow all other boxes into the weeds.

Hadrian Whittle

Comment: Hi Rick,

A quick update on the box after a really hectic autumn on the Wye I can assure you it has been tested to the limit with the outrigger performing brilliantly! I really can't fault it, I will get that new wheel system you showed me that will be a real asset on rough terrain when the barrow is excessively loaded! But it's a great product and other than it great functionality an added bonus is that I have zero back pain while fishing, something I had for the past decade and I thought was permanant!
Cheers Hadrian

Andrew Kerry - Nottinghamshire
I have been using the 4 draw box about four months now and cannot say anymore than excellent in fact ive just ordered the 6.5cm deepdraw to make my setup the 5. Also the single wheel barrow is ideal.The best seatbox i have owend
Paul Hunt - London
It's time I did a review now that I have used this for the past 2 months. I will start with the customer support and care. I have never felt so important after buying something in my life. I had a small gripe with the finish on 1 draw from the 3 draw module. Instead of exchanging said draw I was given the complete module with the 3 draws! Now that has to be good service! 
Ok...I am unable to compare this seat box to my previous Daiwa Tournament box.... it's not a fair comparison.This Octbox is in a league of its own. One of the biggest pains for me was the stuff in the draws of the Tourney Jamming due to loose items of Tackle. A thing of the past with this system. I can literally turn the whole box upside down and everything stays where it should be.Also I used to find it very irritating delving between my legs looking for stuff, with the storage being on one side that is no longer an issue.The levelling on this is so easy with 3 spirit levels now I'm always level whatever the terrain, the legs extend with super mud feet and some really solid welding on the knobs that lock it all in position.That coupled with the fact that I can raise and lower the seat height without the need to remove or add any storage means that I have my legs and back straight and square all the time helping me to fish more effectively.The platform is super slick and quite long when fully extended which is great being less cramped and enables the angler to have the pole support further out resulting in the pole being way more manageable especially when its windy.
I feel very safe when I'm sat on this. I fished a gravel pit where the water level is very low and had to put my box on the gravel and rocks way down near the waters edge it was very steep but when I set my box up it didn't bother me. I felt well cool as most other anglers struggled digging and excavating in their pegs trying to level it all for their boxes. One of the biggest buying points for me was the Barrow system.I have to say that it has been a massive plus being able to carry all my gear with relative ease. It is worth pointing out that the videos about loading the barrow are very important as you will understand better the way to do it properly.I have a 3 wheel configuration that suits me fine. The wheels have tyres with inner tubes. Proper wheels these with steel bearings that are smooth.
My favourite has to be the side tray.I love it.It's huge and can hold 6 bait tubs and has a ground bait bucket too.I use mine to keep pellets and my catty:) A good point also is the whole side tray attaches on top of the seat box and acts like a table to rest your holdall when using your barrow. Awesome!! This has been developed by anglers for anglers a truly well thought out piece of kit.They sell an array of accessories and spares making it future proof. This is solid and strong and I can see it lasting me a long time. I will give this the full 5 stars. I love it!!! Tight lines.
Tim Heyes
Simply the best box that money can buy. Solid, sturdy and more gizmos than the biggest tackle tart could want.
I'm using OCTBOX MK13 -1 4 Draw more then 2 years, and this seat box is a superb!
Antony Campbell - Lancs
Having looked at this system now for a while, it was the article in Pole Fishing Magazine that swung me. After a couple of phone calls to Rick to ask a couple of questions, I purchased the system and what a difference it has made. Thanks to Rick for his continuing patience for answering questions and giving advice on the Octbox and its accessories and its a tribute to the engineers who design and build such excellent equipment with high grade materials and skills that are evident once you start to put it all together. My 6 year old grandson helped me put it together and as a test I asked him to tighten some of the struts and his strength was good enough to hold my weight. A brilliantly engineered and thought out system. So much now as I am thinking of purchasing several of these boxes for a school project. Well done Rick and the team, keep up the innovation.
Doug Roberts - Shropshire
I recived my 4 draw octbox and all i can Say is wow,, Its the bees bo......s,lol I have had all the top of the rangę boxes ie,prestons,diawa,rive,you name it ive ether had one or Sat on one or one of my team mates have had one and belive me imo octbox is the strongest best made box I have seen up to now. The side tray is nice, big and when you attach the ground bait tray you have so much room it´s great and its solid. I also bought a lot of the accessories for the box and they are so well made and a well priced. All I can say is get one you wont be disapointed and the service you get from Rick is second to none, he cannot do enough for you and all you big guys out therę this is the box for you I'm 6;1 and 29Stone and its solid even with my weight on it. Its amazing well done Mr Rick Tyler you made a box that will last a long time.
had my box now for a couple of months ,always ham Milo boxes before but what a difference all I can say is, it's rock solid on the bank easy to set up and comfy to sit on but best of all it's the complete package no need to buy all those little extras
John Grant - Oxfordshire
Hi, First of all I'd like to thank you for the first class service and advice you gave me when ordering my box from you. The box arrived as promised, on time and without a single hitch. Which was amazing considering where it came from. The box itself is out of this world and has already made such a difference and I have only used it twice, so plz pass on my thanks to everyone for making it all an easy and enjoyable experience. The holdall which is used in your videos looks like an extra big one, I was wondering if you could tell me plz where you got it from as I have looked but cannot find one. Thanking you in anticipation John Grant (Pablo).
Mark Walters - West Midlands
This box is excellent, extremely well built and solid as a rock thank you Octbox
Chris Kitchen -West Yorkshire
In the past I've had supposed top of range very expensive boxes and the octbox is More stable at full leg extension with the added bonus that the drawers work even when sat on the seat and it's around 9lb lighter. Not to mention hundreds of pounds less costly. Early days but very impressed so far - I don't make a habit of placing consumer comments.
Simon George - Herts
Without doubt the best, the most versatile and the most solid seat box I've ever bought. I ordered it blind, having been persuaded by the videos on this site. I set it up in my living room the day it arrived. My first impression was that it was ugly and bulky. However, the first time I used it on the bank, it was a completely different impression. It was absolutely fantastic. It was easy to level, rock solid, the net sat perfectly in the extension in front of the platform, the options for setting my gear around me were better than anything I've been able to achieve before. And then I fished at 16m with the bump bar. To be honest I rarely fish at 16m and when I do its rarely for more than a hour and a clumsy hour at that, but with the xl roller on the extended arms, I sat with 16m the best part of the day with next to no effort. This seat box has, without question improved my weights.  I love it.
Peter O´Hora - Devonshire
The best box I have ever owned. Extremely well built and rock solid in use. Very versatile, allowing for many configurations - not sure I've worked them all out yet! All the configs I have tried have worked very well. Very easy to get comfortable on and use for long periods, even at 16m - I used a mini roller on each side of the extension to keep the front area clear. The drawers glide effortlessly and are well secured for transit. The wheel kit works best for me when the handles are fitted to the front extension when fully out to create a barrow configuration. The rollers and the seat then support the rod/pole bag securely. Great piece of kit.
Lee Bell - Northamptonshire
Hi everyone first of all I would like to thank rick for all is help he's been fantastic. Been looking for years for a box of this class and didn't no that it was on the market already a box that's so versatile in every situation I mean to been able to break it down so that you can get any where and to turn it into a canal stool with little effort for a short session with the very least kit that's the octbox. With its now white draws and platform frame it's simply in a class of its own.
I have had all the top boxes and have had faults with these not mentioning which ones has its not fair has every individual is different in mind to wot they need but to be honest I think for a natural venue the octbox is a class of its own, and with the different modules that you can get for the box that you need to then every different venue is catered for just buy a module on and one of its that simple.  Me to agree that if you are looking for a new box soon then make sure you get to see the mk13 octbox mk13 it's a knock out.
Well done rick.
Rgds lee.
William Galloway - West Midlands
Hello everybody, it took me about a month to decide on the octbox MK13-1, after reading a lot of reviews etc.Well all i can say was it was worth it,the box is fantastic piece of engineering which has been built for the angler.
I have previously owned a Rive and Matrix box, and the one niggle i had with both was whilst sitting on the box i could not open the top side tray, this is not so with the Octbox which opens effortlessly.
Another reason i bought this box was to eliminate taking a trolley which takes up a lot of room in the car, with the Octbox its 2 handles and a wheel kit to attach.
I cannot stress enough this is a box anglers should seriously view before committing to a less inferior box, i did and have no regrets.
Finally Communication with Rick has been First class and when viewing this site it clearly shows Rick bases all the products on what the angler wants.
Great, many thanks Rick.
Ashley Prosser
I've had a few outings with my box and I have to say its superb. I'm so impressed with the whole trolley system and the versatility of how it can be used. I'm quite a small framed guy and for the first time ever since going fishing from the age of 8 I can load up all my gear and transport it without struggling.
I use the plastic bowl with the side tray a lot and wondered whether there's a riddle available on the market that fits this for riddling bait? Many thanks. Ashley
Dudley Frankland
Used my box for the first time yesterday and I have got say that it was all I expected and more. Single wheel system made light work of it. I especially like the draws at the side this makes easy access no need to get of box to get to rigs out, etc. It is very light but stable al in all I am very pleased with this box. The service from Rick is excellent and highly recommend this box. To anyone buying a new one.
William Galloway - West Midlands
Hello everybody, it took me about a month to decide on the octbox MK13-1, after reading a lot of reviews etc.Well all i can say was it was worth it,the box is fantastic piece of engineering which has been built for the angler.
I have previously owned a Rive and Matrix box, and the one niggle i had with both was whilst sitting on the box i could not open the top side tray, this is not so with the Octbox which opens effortlessly.
Another reason i bought this box was to eliminate taking a trolley which takes up a lot of room in the car, with the Octbox its 2 handles and a wheel kit to attach.
I cannot stress enough this is a box anglers should seriously view before committing to a less inferior box, i did and have no regrets.
Finally Communication with Rick has been First class and when viewing this site it clearly shows Rick bases all the products on what the angler wants.
Great, many thanks Rick.
Sunday afternoon, weather is rubbish so thought I'd finally do a review of the Octbox D25 system for those thinking of buying one.
First off I've owned the box for over 10 months now so can give it an honest review. Did I take a risk buying online having never sat on one? Yes, did it pay off?, lets see.

So what do we look for in a seatbox? sitting on it for 5-6hrs at a time it has to be comfy and not once have I got to the end of a match and had a numb bum so that answers that. Next is strength and as Ricks videos have shown I myself have occasionally forgotten to put the middle legs down standing up to play fish and the box has never creaked once, (I'm 13 and a half stone). At the end of the match I lug my carryall, net bags, holdall and anything else onto it using the two wheels on one axle and again it is strong as an ox. On that point the balance of the wheel kit is superb, I do tend to leave the footplate slid in half way and open the bump bar extension instead, placing my carryall on the front to even the weight. 

The holdall balances nicely over the seatbox and bump bar. Speaking of the bump bar, again another brilliant piece of kit, roles superbly and if I get my pole rollers set up just right I can ship to 16M within a matter of seconds by rollering them across all three and just get hold of the pole towards the last couple of metres.
I really like the bump bar and because it is further forward it doesn't interfere with my first keep net in-between my legs. Second or third keepnets just attach either side.

Next is the draw arrangement and other than not having any front draws, you couldn't get a wider variety, 2cm, 4cm, 6cm and 9cm, dividers, separate boxes in draws, what more could you want? And if you speak to Rick he will get you the best set up. They slide in and out superbly and snap shut on the magnet.
The Frenzee hook up box cut in half fits perfectly in a 2cm draw and will house more than enough hook lengths but you can fit another under the seat if needed.

Rick talked me through what 6 leg configuration I required, i.e. as I only fish commercials I didn't need longer front legs although now wished I'd chosen some just slightly longer as when they don't extend down enough it is thinking time. (Only happened once).

I ordered the extra height adapter bar for the sidetray and again the side tray is spot on, the bait boxes sit in the side tray not on it so there's no chance of knocking them off. The groundbait bowl at the front is good too and as per his video can be moved out of the way too. I then attach a separate leg to the side tray to put my pole roost onto for top kits and my feeder rod and because the side tray attaches at two points again is strong enough even if the support leg isn't on the ground. Haven't tried it with pints and pints of bait filled with water, 3 rods etc but for expanders, 2 pints of hard pellets some meat, a feeder rod and 6 top kits its more than strong enough.

As I have the box constantly set at a desired height and have a van to transport it I removed all of the side wheel knobs and replaced them with bolts to reduce the width of the box, again as the video showed though I overly nipped them and noticed the extension on the legs wouldn't come out, so I just eased them off slightly and everything works fine. 

Have I any negatives? Well it is a bit heavy (especially as I have loads of modules attached) but for me that's not a problem but if you need something very lightweight then you may struggle (or just take some modules off). People say it doesn't look the nicest, well I'm going to fish and not look cool so couldn't care less whether it looks like a mechano set or not. The footplate when mucky doesn't slide in and out the best but I've not found one seat box that does either.

I'd really like to buy the pole roost but at £70 its loads more expensive than say a Preston tripod pole roost.
Delivery can be slow if your in a rush, mine arrived in 2-3 week so wasn't too bad though.

Other things, I like the way you can buy whatever length extension bars, you can put a screw thread bank stick in the top of the legs i.e. with a butt rod rest you can screw it in these. Finally you can just tinker with it and get everything adjusted (like mechano) just how you want it.

Overall then, strong, functional, personal and tailored to my needs, I'm guessing it will last ages as well made, seat is comfy and again looks quality so should last.
Was it worth the risk? Yes, am I happy with it? You bet. Would I recommend one to my best friend? Definitely.


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