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Octbox Insane Carp Barrow

This product is still in development and due for release around May 2024   recent feed back.   The first 50 will be sold at the reduced price of £1000.   Anglers wishing to reserve one of the first 50 should email octboxmail@gmail.com.  No Deposit required and can be cancelled at any time.

We are still making some design changes  These include:

  1. Moving the battery to the rear with access even when the barrow is fully loaded
  2. Developing wider wheels that are Pneumatic for the front of the barrow
  3. Introducing puncture proof quick release wheels to the rear.   In the event of a puncture the angler will be able to swap the front and rear wheels.
  4. Upper frame will be enlarged, raised higher and will be deeper with a lid

This barrow is aimed at the carp angler going on long sessions that carry a mountain of gear which includes all their additional bait, water, food and cooking equipment etc which is in addition to their short session equipment.

The chassis of this barrow is variable and can be set at different lengths from 100cm up to 180 cm.   Positioning of large items such as bed chairs can be placed directly over the main axle which acts as the main pivot point.   This pivot point can then be moved backwards and forwards to change the balance of the barrow.  Balancing the load makes maneuvering so much easier.

Detailed Specification:

Lithium Powered 400w 30amp Motor with 27NF of Torque

Variable Chassis with Astonishing  Capacity

750mm wide wheel gauge

High Ground Clearance and adjustable shock absorber adaptive suspension

Wheels fitted with Steel core Differentials to assist on tight turns

12V 16AH Lithium Powered Quick Release Battery

heavy Duty Cables

Variable Speed Control

Quick Release 41cm Dia wheels

3 Year Warranty

Please note Luggage depicted in pictures is for illustration purposes only and is not included


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