The OCTBOX Brand was created with the aim of providing innovative, quality Seat Box products at unbeatable value for money prices. Our product range is not the biggest. Quantity does not always have the best quality.

We are based in Norwich where we demonstrate our full range of products from our Unit 42, Hellesdon Park Rd, Norwich NR6 5DR.  If you would like to book a demonstration with a view to customising one of our systems to meet your needs give us a call on 0044(0)7342 884387 or email Rick Tyler at octboxmail@gmail.com

All of our products are covered by our money back guarantee and supported with a complete range of replacement spares.

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A Bit About Our History

The Octbox system was conceived 10 years ago to give anglers a system that was both reliable and capable of adapting to meet all of his needs, ending the requirement to have a separate barrow and platform in support of his seatbox.

Manufacturing with ultra light precision welded aluminium  to give a system that is lighter than most while producing a strength and stability that is a long way ahead of any other seatbox design.  This was demonstrated at the Cambridge University test lab where Octbox leg adaptors where tested against the flagship models of the top ten selling brands.  The Octbox leg adaptors where pushed to pressures in excess of 300kg before they slipped.  More importantly repeated testing demonstrated no loss of performance after repeated used unlike most plastic designs.

Having a rock solid foundation at the heart of the Octbox and a seat height that can be adjusted without the need to add or remove drawers means every angler tall or short can setup their Octbox at a comfortable seat height without having to compromise on storage.

Variable load areas on the Octbox Chassis not only allow the angler to carry more gear than most conventional barrows he can do so in a balanced manner. Multiple wheel options such as a Narrow or wide setup combined with two or four wheel configurations allow the angler to create a barrow out of the Octbox chassis that is perfect for his requirements.

The accessories that have been designed to work with the Octbox have also been designed to make fishing easier. Baitwaiters that require no support legs that can be adjusted to heights beyond the height of the seat box legs are a big help towards making the angler more efficient.

The variable adaptor bar fitted into the footplate that can be used to place nets, toolbars and bump bars from just a few inches in front of the footplate up to 50cm while still being strong enough to even support 19m poles with only a few mm dip. The ability to support heavy poles further out reduces the pressure on the anglers forearm and back by up to 30% which can make a massive difference to the anglers performance.

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Between 2010 and 2019 the Octbox has been continually refined and the level of engineering taken to new levels.   Anglers feedback has been key to this development and our simple direct selling approach keeps  us in close contact with the anglers using our systems.