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  • This item has a 2 to 3 week lead time
  • Height Adjustable Seat and Drawers
  • 36mm dia Alloy Leg Adaptors tested to 285kg without slipping
  • When used with the Octbox Outrigger becomes a rock solid platform that can extend up to 6ft
  • Wheel barrow chassis built into the seat box with multiple wheel kit options possible
  • Supplied either no drawers or two drawer or three drawer option  .  The price will amend depending on the option.  i.e £751 is less drawers
  • 3 Year warranty
  • D25mm extending posts built into each leg
  • Variable tool bar fitted into the footplate that can extend forward up to 50cm
  • Adaptors supplied to fit up to three keep nets
  • All Terrain leg with removable and height adjustable pivot foot
  • Light Alloy Construction weighing only 17.5kg.   lighter than the majority of other boxes on the market.
  • Super Strong and rock solid.  To demonstrate we have videoed four anglers bouncing up an down on the box with a combine weight of 60 stone.
  • Drawers that can open without lifting your weight off the seat
  • 30 Day Trial period.  If your not satisfied we collect free of charge for a full refund
  • Multiple Drawer options available
XL Baitwaiter Accessories
Bump Bar
Drawer Configuration
Wheel Kit
Footplate Legs

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The D36 system is a heavier duty version of the Octbox D25.   The thicker 36mm diameter legs give much more stability when the box is raised to heights over 2ft (60cm) than the D25.  When used with accessories such as the D36 outrigger it is possible to place the front end up to 6ft (180cm) and the rear up to 3ft (90cm).  25mm extendable posts are fitted into each leg allowing all D25 accessories to also fit this system with the added advantage their height can be raised higher than the length of the leg.  This allows the angler to refine his setup even more.

Configuration    It is possible to configure your D36 Seat Box to meet exactly what you need by selecting the numerous options in the drop down menus.  Information on each option is as follows
Drawer Configuration – Select no drawers or two drawer or three dawer Configuration.   Additional drawer modules can be added as an additional accessory
SEAT BOX OPTION – RIVER  Configured for anglers that fish mainly venues with difficult uneven banks. The footplate legs extend up to 3ft (90cm).
                                    COMMERCIAL (Com)  Configured for anglers that fish mainly venues with fairly level banks. The footplate legs extend up to 1ft 8″( 55cm).   
Baitwaiter Accessory Pack – Available with or without a baitwaiter.  
Keepnet Adaptor Set – 3 x QF adaptors to fit to keepnets with one QF stud fixed to the front centre of the footplate and two adjustable adaptors fitted to the extending adaptor bar
Footplate with Extending Adaptor Bar –   Ultra strong and light this bar can be used in a number of different ways.  The distance from the footplate legs is variable and at full extension acts as an addiutional load area when in barrow mode as well as a rock solid support for a bump / spray bar.  It can support even the heaviest poles in excess of 18m with only 5mm of movement.  Supporting long poles upto 50cm further out that conventional pole support systems reduces the pressure on the elbow by around 30% and makes controlling long poles in gusty conditions much easier.  The underside of the footplate has been fitted with guide blocks that ensure the footplate extends smoothly and stops in the correct position for the spring loaded fixing bolts to engage.  
 Height Adjustable Frame –  The drawer setup can be moved up and down to achieve the perfect seating position before being locked inplace by four stainless steel headless allen key bolts using the allen key.   The frame also locks the middle in rear legs in conjunction with the main platform ensuring there is not a single mm of lateral movment on the heavy duty 36mm legs.  The rear of the frame has two 25mm posts that can be used to dock the baitwaiter or fix accessories such as a brolley or topkit set. 
Leg Systems – The D36 is designed to replace the need for a platform and has been proven to be more stable than any platform due to the legs being fixed in two points with powerful adaptors that can each individually take 285kg without slipping.   This combined with leg systems that can be fitted to the front that can go in excess of 6ft and legs for the rear that go to 90cm with options  for mud or high grip allow this system to get you setup in the most effective manner possible.  In certain circumstances this can be a massive advantage and the main reason for choosing the heavier duty D36 over the lighter D25.
Weight –  The D36 with Baitwaiter system removed weighs 17.5kg which is still lighter than most other systems on the market supplied by the top ten brands.  
Other accessories that you may wish to consider for the D36 is the Outrigger system which converts the system into a heavy duty incredibly stable platform with leg systems that can extend well over 6ft.   

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Weight 15 kg

3 reviews for MK19 D36 Octbox Seat Box Seat003

  1. clientadmin

    What A Box
    I purchased a D36 box about three months ago along with a range of accessories, pole roost kit, umbrella, additional drawers and the electric wheel kit.

    I am a keen angler who fishes various venues and matches. After purchasing the D36 I am amazed at the quality of the equipment, the variety of set up options and the first class customer service from Rick!

    I know the price looks scary at first , but if you are serious about your comfort and your fishing then this set up is first class and knocks my Rive top of the range box out of the park.

    I can not rate this box and the customer service highly enough!!

    Review by Paul Posted on 05/05/2023

  2. clientadmin

    Best Seat Box on the market
    Been fishing for over 50 years in that time i have had a few seat boxes The Old Basket, ASI Box, Rive Box, The Octbox D36 beats the lot its so well made easy to set up on the back best box out there for the money.Plus the after sales service from Octbox is 5 STAR.Thanks Guys for making fishing a joy now not having to worry if my box is going to fall apart or is one of my seat box legs going to give way and i end up going for a swim.
    Review by Gary Mullock Posted on 17/01/2022

  3. clientadmin

    Octbox Seat Box
    Paul Hunt – London
    It’s time I did a review now that I have used this for the past 2 months. I will start with the customer support and care. I have never felt so important after buying something in my life. I had a small gripe with the finish on 1 draw from the 3 draw module. Instead of exchanging said draw I was given the complete module with the 3 draws! Now that has to be good service!
    Ok…I am unable to compare this seat box to my previous Daiwa Tournament box…. it’s not a fair comparison.This Octbox Seat Box is in a league of its own. One of the biggest pains for me was the stuff in the draws of the Tourney Jamming due to loose items of Tackle. A thing of the past with this system. I can literally turn the whole box upside down and everything stays where it should be.Also I used to find it very irritating delving between my legs looking for stuff, with the storage being on one side that is no longer an issue.The levelling on this is so easy with 3 spirit levels now I’m always level whatever the terrain, the legs extend with super mud feet and some really solid welding on the knobs that lock it all in position.That coupled with the fact that I can raise and lower the seat height without the need to remove or add any storage means that I have my legs and back straight and square all the time helping me to fish more effectively.The platform is super slick and quite long when fully extended which is great being less cramped and enables the angler to have the pole support further out resulting in the pole being way more manageable especially when its windy.
    I feel very safe when I’m sat on this. I fished a gravel pit where the water level is very low and had to put my box on the gravel and rocks way down near the waters edge it was very steep but when I set my box up it didn’t bother me. I felt well cool as most other anglers struggled digging and excavating in their pegs trying to level it all for their boxes. One of the biggest buying points for me was the Barrow system.I have to say that it has been a massive plus being able to carry all my gear with relative ease. It is worth pointing out that the videos about loading the barrow are very important as you will understand better the way to do it properly.I have a 3 wheel configuration that suits me fine. The wheels have tyres with inner tubes. Proper wheels these with steel bearings that are smooth.
    My favourite has to be the side tray.I love it.It’s huge and can hold 6 bait tubs and has a ground bait bucket too.I use mine to keep pellets and my catty:) A good point also is the whole side tray attaches on top of the seat box and acts like a table to rest your holdall when using your barrow. Awesome!! This has been developed by anglers for anglers a truly well thought out piece of kit.They sell an array of accessories and spares making it future proof. This is solid and strong and I can see it lasting me a long time. I will give this the full 5 stars. I love it!!! Tight lines.
    Review by Paul Hunt Posted on 23/07/2021

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