OCTBOX Umbrella


Octbox MK20 Umbrella

The Octbox umbrella has a shallow canopy with a 27 inch rib length that gives a covered area diameter of 105cm.   This is about half the size of a conventional fishing Umbrella.  When used in conjuction with the octbox baitwaiter lid it gives the angler sufficient protection from the wind and rain without compromising his ability to ship the pole or landing net.  Casting is also made possible by the fact the umbrella only extends as far as the anglers sholuder that is furthest away from the baitwaiter.

Can be setup on either side of the angler or behind to protect from winds up to force 9 without impending casting. Can be also setup in horizontal without the tilt without impeding casting

Weight only 3.1 Lbs
Available with or without support arms

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Brolly Arms

With, without

2 reviews for Octbox Umbrella B-oct-020

  1. clientadmin

    5 STAR Brolley
    5 Star Rick pulls it of again what a great idea with this Octbox Brolley used it the first time fishing the feeder because of the size its so easy to cast as it don’t get in your way like most big Brolleys. Plus its great in the wind i don’t have to worry anymore about doing a Mary Poppins IE all my kit getting blown away. Thanks Octbox for making it easy to cast and fish in the wind and rain.
    Review by Gary Mullock Posted on 10/03/2022

  2. clientadmin

    Used in 50 knot wind

    Very pleased with the Brolley. Wind up to 50 knotts today and it never moved or got in the way
    Review by Alan Cain Posted on 01/11/2020

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