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XL Baitwaiter – Compatible with Both D25 and D36 Octbox Systems


XL Baitwaiter

Compatible with Any OCTBOX D25 or D36 built after 2012

We have introduced an XL Bait waiter following lots of requests. It is designed to take 6 large (17x17cm ) bait boxes and is compatible with any seat box we have made since 2012. Can be fitted with the XL Baitwaiter lid and is also compatible with the swivel tray. Two 25mm sockets are fitted to the end of the Baitwaiter that can be utilised to fix a Topkit roost or tulip to hold the landing net in place. These can be used in conjunction either with 2 x 20cm posts or the additional bait waiter height system (D25 Systems)  to secure the bait waiter across the D25 Padded seat when packed away. Extending the posts on the right hand side of the D25 supports the XL bait waiter when stored in this manner. D36 beatboxes require no additional accessories to store the Baitwaiter as they already have extending posts built into each leg. If you buy with the XL Lid it allows the Baitwaiter to be setup ready to go with bait boxes, catapults, towel etc and then packed over the seat. When you get to the peg simply lift off , rotate round and fix back on to the legs allowing you to me setup in seconds . please note Bait Boxes and Lid are displayed for illustration purposes only and are not supplied.


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Weight 3.6 kg

2 reviews for XL Baitwaiter B-oct-033

  1. clientadmin

    great size and sturdy Would recommend a catch to seal unit in travel
    a side tray that is great and far superior to others I have used. The one thing I would have liked to see is a catch mechanism keeping the lid shut while in transit. With six bait boxes containing baits an accident could cause the lid to open and creating spillage. A simple catch would keep the unit sealed and secure.
    Review by steven Posted on 29/09/2021

  2. clientadmin

    When you purchase the XL baitwaiter and lid youve got it for life. Design 10/10 Strength 10/10 I have one for around 6 months now, inc the lid, Its rock solid fully loaded, (no support arm for underneath required ) fully perforated base (no water lying on the tray and also easy to just dip in the water after a match to wash it clean). The base sits a couple of inches from the top frame ( nothing blowing off it in a gale force wind) Adjustable lid that stays where positioned and keeps sun or rain off your baits. 10/10 overall.
    Review by Cecil Posted on 25/10/2020

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