Baitwaiter Swivel Tray Accessory
Now also supplied with elasticated Octbox waterproof bait cover

Connects to the Octbox Baitwaiter basic with a pivot pin system.
Accommodates the Octbox Groundbait tray and two Guru style bait boxes or hook boxes
Pivots into the anglers knee when needed, and swivels back under the baitwaiter basic when not required.   Protects the groundbait from drying out on hot days while keeping it from getting too damp in wet weather.   It also gets the tray out of the way when the angler wants to fish the feeder to the side his baitwaiter is fitted or while landing fish.

The tray can also be clipped to the to of any Octbox D25 or D36 leg.
Note. The Ground Bait tray and waterproof cover is included. The Guru baitboxes are displayed for illustration purposes only and are not included

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Pivot Arm

With Pivot Arm, without Pivot Arm


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