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MK 24 Baitwaiter Standard  B-oct-025


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MK24 Design (updated Std Baitwaiter) – Mesh Plate replaced with solid Plate.   Colour changed from White to Orange

Octbox Baitwaiter Standard is large enough to accommodates 4 large bait boxes.   Our entire range of seatboxes from MK18 onwards have docking posts welded to the height frame allowing the baitwaiter to be docked underneath the frame when packed away.

While docked it can act as deep storage for reels etc with access possible by lifting the drawer module like a lid.  As well as being a compact baitwaiter in recent years anglers have found it very useful to dock it on to the rear of the box to create a strong shelf to place the bait bag while fishing.   This is  massive plus if you are ever fishing oiut in the water.

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