Rotating Seat and Folding Back Rest


Rotating Seat with Folding Back Rest with Plastic Catches.

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Weight 5 kg

Metal, Plastic

2 reviews for Rotating Seat with folding Back Rest R-oct-400

  1. clientadmin

    I purchased the Octbox seat to replace the Koala seat that I have used for four seasons. I have used the Octbox swivel seat for two long sessions and have mixed feelings about it. The Octbox seat is very very comfortable, however it is heavy, very wide and high. I can cope with the weight of the seat, however the width makes it very awkward to access and see the items stored in the side draws without having to leaning right over and down. The sides to the seat also minimise the area/angle you have to stick the rod butt/pole section under your leg when baiting up etc…. The swivel on the seat is also very stiff. As always with Octbox the build quality is very good. A design similar to the Koala swivel seat would be better in my opinion. DG
    Review by DG Posted on 31/08/2021

  2. clientadmin

    Your back will thank you
    I wasn’t sure how I would get on with this, but I must admit I am starting to really get attached to my swivel seat. The lumber support it gives your back is great and also keeps it out of the wind. I thought it might get in the way a bit when Fishing the long pole or turning to fish the margins but it has not been not a problem at all because the seat swivels as you adjust your position. Great product
    Review by AdamH Posted on 16/08/2021

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